Elevate your beauty, don’t fabricate it.


True You Beauty is your gateway to innovative, sustainable and reliable brands offering you products that accompany you every single day to celebrate your skin for all that it is, and allow you later on to age gracefully and naturally.

The products that we offer are delicately formulated with natural ingredients that bring out the best in your skin.

We provide you with a wide range of skincare and makeup products, to make you feel beautiful every single day as you lead your busy life.

Our family so far includes the two brands BonBon Beauty and Super Skin that have proven time after time how easy it is to make the best choices for your skin, and introduce innovative and effective skincare and beauty products to your daily routine.

Super Skin Cosmetics

Our Philosophy:

Today, women spend an unrealistic amount of money and time pursing unattainable beauty standards imposed by society, along with everchanging targets which they struggle to reach to be labelled ‘beautiful’.

We are here to help you change this reality, and to walk beside you in your journey to uncover your unedited, unretouched, and authentic beauty.

 Scratch beneath the surface and find the TrueYou, as beautiful as you are: soft, glowing, natural, and gorgeous. With True You Beauty, you can have it all. Forget about unrealistic beauty standards and expectations, and embrace the imperfections where your uniqueness lies.