The Beauty of a Body Scrub.

The Beauty of a Body Scrub.

Let’s talk about your skin.

Your skin is actually the biggest organ in your body and it regenerates nonstop, but it could use an extra help from your side by the utility of body scrubs!


All what you need to know about body scrubs!

Importance of a body scrub: lack of exfoliation and removal of dead cells will cause your skin to form a thick layer leading to dullness, lower radiance, roughness, dryness, clogger pores, dark spots, and ingrown hairs will form.


We don’t want that, right? Then keep on reading!

Benefits of a body scrub: removal of dead skin cells that are collected on the surface will promote clearer and softer skin, reduce hyperpigmentation, prevent painful ingrown hairs, oils in scrubs make hair softer resulting in an easier hair removal process, minimizes pores, works wonders for keratosis pilaris (aka chicken skin), boosts blood circulation, relieves stress and result in lusciously smooth skin!


Best way to exfoliate? We got you!

First you need to make sure the water is warm and run it on your skin for 10-15 minutes to soften it and open pores to release excess dirt and dead skin cells.

Then pause the water and slowly apply the scrub on your skin in circular motions with gentle pressure, don’t scrub too hard. Rinse well once done and apply your preferable body lotion/oil.

Best results are shown if skin is exfoliated two to three times per week.


So? It’s time to say goodbye to dull - dry skin and get glowing!